3 Horror Movie Remakes that Were Bad (But Didn’t Have to Be) Pt. 1

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The formula of a horror film is one that’s easy to understand, easy to dissect, and easy to replicate and reproduce. At least that’s what modern filmmakers seem to think, because they churn out horror-remakes so fast you’d think they can write the things in their sleep. And you what? Based on the quality of the products (and they are products, nothing more) they probably are writing in their sleep. Continue reading


Quick Update

Yeah, I’ve been away for a while. No, I don’t really have a good excuse. But more is coming.

I was thinking about waiting until the rest of this season of Beware the Batman finished airing before covering anymore of it, then it was put on hiatus. Tragic, yes, so I’ll give my opinion on the batch of episodes that just aired in a few days.

Until then, enjoy some Halloween themed posts.

Guest Post – Top 10 Tear-Jerking Cartoon Moments by Telly K. Netic

Today I’ve got a tantalizing treat for you: my terrific guest Telly K. Netic brings you a topic sure to touch your heart.

                Most of us believe that cartoons were invented to make us laugh. But the other day, I was planted in front of the TV, watching Netflix over a hot plate of Jack in the Box, and I found myself emotionally moved by the show I was watching. This wasn’t some dramatic show either, in which the girl’s lover’s twin brother just died and revealed that he was her lover all along (or however those kind of shows are scripted; I wouldn’t know.) This was a dumb cartoon show. It’s supposed to make me laugh, not cry!

                So I started combing through my memories and I found nine other instances of cartoons that made me cry. And here they are for your convenience. If you don’t believe me, go watch them yourself, and if you’re human, and not some alien robot, you too would be kidding yourself to say you were not moved to tears. At least on the inside.

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Bats on the Brain – Beware the Batman (So Far)


After my last post, I feel the need to cover something Batman related that actually makes me smile. So we have Beware the Batman, the latest cartoon show staring the Caped Crusader, currently airing on Cartoon Network. Because I’ve been so lackadaisical about updating this blog, I’ve fallen behind reviewing the episodes, so I’ll give you a brief rundown of my thoughts on each episode I’ve seen so far, then I’ll give more in depth reviews of the proceeding episodes as they come out.  As of writing, eight episodes have aired, with a ninth airing tomorrow.

I’ve found one of the show’s most notable traits to be its interpretations of the (usually obscure) villains from the comics, and every Batman fan knows the villains are half the reason to experience Batman. So, along with my opinion of the episodes overall, I’ll also give you my opinion of each episode’s lead villain.

One more thing before we begin: Yes, it’s a pity the animation is 3D rather than 2D, but you get used to it.

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Bats on the Brain – Who Wants to Hear More About Ben?


Apparently, Ben Affleck recently went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and spoke about the proverbial shitstorm that erupted when it was announced that he would be playing Batman in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film. I didn’t watch that episode of Jimmy Fallon. I don’t intend to watch it. I don’t care what he said to his detractors. I don’t care about any jokes that were made about the casting or his career. I don’t about Ben Affleck playing Batman. Seriously, I don’t care.

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Fandom’s Folly


Fandom is cyclical. No, I don’t mean it involves sickles (although they are featured prominently in Discworld, Soul EaterThe Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and  Darksiders II. Or am I thinking of scythes? What’s the difference between a scythe and a sickle? Is one just smaller than the other? I think the Scarecrow uses sickles sometimes). Wow, that degenerated into nothing pretty quickly. Continue reading